Monday, 22 November 2010

6 weeks in a nutshell

The past six weeks have been completely overwhelming but influential at the same time.  For my research paper, I decided to do it on Schizophrenia.  I decided to go with this topic because it is one that I would like to know more about and show that there is hope with the disorder.  My brother in law suffers on a daily basis and wasn't diagnosed with it until he was 19.  My husband has seen first hand what it can do to someone and it breaks his and his family's hearts.
I am finding it hard to find the time to put my all into my school work lately.  My son is pretty soon going to be a toddler and he is into everything.  This week has been a particularly rough one too.  My daughter was in the ER on Friday for 3 hours because of a very bad stomach bug. On top of it, I have had to work this weekend and things aren't going too well there right now because of this girl that is trying to make my life harder.  She has been saying not so nice things to other people about me like I don't carry myself well.  I'm a frickin' cook!  I'm not supposed to dress up for work.  I take very good care of myself and my family!  She thinks she is still in high school I guess.  I will be off work for 4 days after today and I am so ready for it.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving. 
I feel like I have a heavy work load and can't wake up for the seminars because they are too late for this Englander.  I can't get up at 3am and then be up with my kids at 6.  I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.
I am going to try and buckle down as much as possible.  I feel like I never get to see my family because when I'm at work, my husband is home and vice versa.  My other time is spent doing school work and cleaning up the house.  I don't want to miss anything and I feel like I am missing out on a lot right now.

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