Monday, 15 November 2010

Christmas is coming!

The anticipation is killing me!!  I can't wait to smell the smells and see the sights of Christmas.  Thanksgiving is approaching and even that reminds me of Christmas.  This is going to be my son's first Christmas and it will be even more special because my husband will be home. Of the 5 years we have been married, he has only been home for 2 Christmases. 
We have finished shopping for the kids but we haven't bought anything for any one else in the family.  I know what I want to get them, I just don't know when I will be able to with the lack of money.  I hope everyone understands that we don't have a lot of money this year and not be disappointed.  My sisters are particularly spoiled and have a tendency to hurt other people's feelings when it comes to gifts.  O well!  It could be worse!! I still can't wait!!


  1. I'm quite the opposite when it come to the Christmas spirit! For me it's more like, "Bah Humbug!" Don't get me wrong...I like Christmas for my kids and my grandbabies, but I hate hate HATE shopping...spending so much money (that I can't afford to spend!)...the inconsiderate crowds in the stores...I've almost turned into Scrooge. lol It sounds like YOU have a lot to look forward to tho with being able to spend it with your husband and it being your little one's 1st Christmas. ENJOY!!

  2. Ashly,

    Congratulations on this being the baby's first christmas. I love christmas too!!! I enjoy it so much more since I became a mom. Watching the kids decorate the house, tree, and opening their gifts is priceless. Once we became parents we also was not able to buy for everyone and they totally understood. We actually after that year of feeling bad about not being able to buy for everyone...just decided that we only were buying for the little ones. It has worked out very well for us and no one has ever complained. We are very fortunate with having adults who believe that the holidays are for the kids. Enjoy your little one during the holidays it will be priceless. Take lots of pictures they grow up very fast.